Unconquered Sundays

First Session

The Circle fought through the Wyld to find an Air-Aspected Manse. The Manse is under the Silver Pact’s dominion but has been provisionally granted to Ghost and Seeks-The-Flame. The inside of the Manse includes floating islands, many acres of farmland with farming automatons and ill-equipped clouds. At the center is a sphere, containing lodging for the Circle and a large meeting area. The Manse also includes an airship harbor leading outside the Wyld, allowing for easier access.

After initial exploration of the Manse, the Circle flew their airship (somewhere?) and spoke with a trio of Deathknights – Harbinger of the Ghost-Cold Wind, Seven Lessons Disciple and Emissary of Fallen Comrades. Harbinger of the Ghost-Cold Wind, compelled by Solar Charms, revealed their allegiance to The Bishop of the Chalcedony Thurible. However, there were no overt hostilities and the two groups parted ways.



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