Air 1
Earth 5 (Craft, Integrity)
Fire 2
Water 4
Wood 4


Bjorn is an Earth Aspected Dragon-Blood from Icehome. He comes from a long line of Outcaste Dragon-Blooded in the The Haslanti League.
Bjorn is one of two Icehome representatives in the Haslanti Oligarchy. His interests lie primarily among his work with Haslanti agriculture. The greenfields, emeralds and Outwall hunting parties don’t provide enough food for the growth of Icehome. He opposes the policies of senior Oligarch Jurgan Einarson – if Bjorn were to have his way, he would lead the Haslanti against the Icewalkers and forcibly take their land. With The Bull of the North’s increasing power, Icewalker barbarian tribes and public opinion against him he is waiting for something to tip the balance in his favor.
Bjorn considers Jurgan to be less than worthless; the merchant is not a real Haslanti and can’t understand the effort Bjorn and his fellows exert to feed Icehome.

Bjorn is an enormous man, standing nearly seven feet tall and weighing well over 300 pounds of solid muscle. His skin is perpetually dirt-stained, and rocky outgrowths peek out from his hair. He is stoic and quiet, spending entire days working in the emeralds of Icehome.


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