Full Moon 3

Changing Moon 3

No Moon 5

Known Forms

Special Abilities
Immutable- immune to mutation
Mate- Positive intimacy with Solar mate

Allies 2
-Lunar Mentor
Artifact 1
-Moonsilver Artifact Tattoo (+1 to pdv)
Manse 1

Great Virtue: Compassion
Fatal Flaw: Curse of the Frenzied Ant
(The lunar attacks any threat, real or not, to the group in attempt to protect it no matter the cost)
Shifting into unknown forms inflicts 1 Limit

Totemic Image: Raven
Anima Power: Spend 1E to half the cost of all spells for the scene and gain 1 PDV

-1 initiative, damage +1

-1 initiative, damage +1

Hearth Stone

PDV= 3
Soak = 2
MDV= 3

0, -1, -1,-3×6, K.O.

4 permanent
11 available

Supernatural Perception
Relentless Stamina

Celestial circle 4-6E max
Travel without Distance (scale, region, 1 turn) 4E
Call of the Guardians Within (scale, sight, scene, power 4, 1 turn) 6E

Fighting Style
1,000 Point Stag Style
(Celestial Style)
Keywords: Slamming, Overwhelming, Nimble, Charging

Uniting the North to fend off any threats to the Icewalkers while maintaining their individual traditions and beliefs.

Solar Mate (Supportive Friendship)
Seeks the Flame (Mentor)
Silver the Elk (Indebted loyalty)
Thousand Streams River (create a coalition)


Ghost didn’t always go by that name. It was given by his caretaker. Once a complete stranger, but now someone who Ghost trusts more than anyone. Before Ghost, he was the son of Proud and Watchful Owl, a shaman of a fairly large village in the north. Owl was the chieftain shaman of the village, and Ghost, known to his people as Bear of Obsidian and Shadow, was his son. Owl had no other children, it was taboo to have children from different mothers. Only a year before Bear destined to go through the ritual of awakening so he may begin his training to become the next leader of his people, his mother died of illness. She had given him her pendant to remind him of her and to give him strength. The ritual was cruel and dangerous, without food or water, Bear would not be able to return until he saw visions of the future of his village or die waiting. Bear set out, determined and unafraid of the daunting task. His father has been through it, and many others before him. As he set out, he looked back at his village for the last time little did he know. The first few nights were the easiest. He meditated in his makeshift shelter of branches and leaves to keep off the pain of hunger. The only other living thing in site was a grand elk that seemed to be watching him, as if to make sure he was still alive. 4 days have passed, and snow alone is keeping the boy barely alive. Each morning, he sees the same Elk stop in the same place as if waiting for something to happen, and then moves back into the forest. On the 6th day, the visions finally came. However, they seemed more like nightmares, and so real to Bear. Visions of people he knew and loved torn apart by ghosts, his village falling to the hands of undead creatures. With the little energy he had left he trekked back the 10 miles to his village to warn them of the evil to come, but to his dismay, they weren’t visions of the future. By the time he returned all that was left of the village was burning. The bodies of his people, lay tore open, mauled, and thrown all over. It was the half charred tattoo on the chest of a warped and mutilated body that let Bear know he had found his father. He mourned that day, his hunger wasn’t even strong enough to override his loss. As hungry as he was he could not eat. He had a duty. As a Shaman Chieftain, it was now his duty to do the burial rites for the dead. He began gathering the bodies, all 254 of them, preparing each of them with what he could find. He seen his father do it plenty of times to know each step and the proper words. A day passed by, he only stopped to drink and eat something small for a few moments before going back. With no sleep his movements where sloppy, each step he took felt like the weight of a boulder on his back. Until finally his body couldn’t take any more. He fell, his duty unfinished. He cried out, not because he didn’t want to die, because he didn’t want to fail his duty to his people, and as he did, Luna chose him. She’s watched many generations of this village, and only one other has shown great resilience as he. And as Bear cried out, a burst of energy coursed through his body, empowering him. His body grew strong again, nourished, as essence replenished his strength. He got back up, taking no time to question this second wind and continued to do his rituals. What took him a day to do only 30 bodies, now took only minutes. When he buried the last body, his father, he finally rested. Dreamed of flight in the night skies watching over the ruins of his village. And seeing again, that same elk looking up at him from the village.

After a few days, the elk reveals his true form to Bear. If it wasn’t for his own father telling him stories of a guardian that protects their village in the shape of an great elk, he probably would’ve received the man completely differently. The elk finally went by the name of Silver. Silver gave Bear a new name- Ghost, a chosen of Luna. With only the clothes on his back, his mother’s pendant, and the heirloom chieftain staff that miraculously survived the assault unscathed, Ghost followed Silver wherever took him.

Silver taught Ghost many things: the ways of the Silver Pact, self defense, the manipulation of essence. Ghost was paired with another lunar by the name of Seeks the Flame after giving him his Moonsilver tattoos. Ghost, Seeks the Flame, and Silver took off in search of a manse in the Wyld. Silver was only to guide them, as this was Ghosts and Seeks chance to prove themselves. As they neared closer they came across a group of Solars, one of which Ghost immediately recognized though he’s never seen him before. The two groups joined, seeing it was in everyone’s best interest to combine efforts to find this Manse.

Ghost hopes to find the ones behind the massacre of his people and exact revenge. But he knows no ordinary mortal has caused this. With rumors of Deathlords nearby, he knows it was done by one of them. He’s vowed to destroy them so no one else will have to suffer. And with the finding of his soul mate, he is compelled to support his goals, but first they must create an army large enough and well equipped in order to stand even the slightest of chance against such a great evil.

Additional Info: Ghost was part of the Elk tribe who worked with other tribes rather than fight them, though this by no means meant they were weak fighters. OOC: His visions could have been induced by either Silver the elk or their Animal Master. Since he was just about to start his training, dealings between his father and local spirits or gods weren’t ever revealed to him.


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