Ledaal Noran


Air 5
Earth 3
Fire 5 (Melee)
Water 4
Wood 3 (Survival)


Ledaal Noran is an Immaculate Monk under the command of Peleps Deled. He wanders throughout the North investigating rumors of Anathema and other threats to the Immaculate Order. His band includes two others, Albert Gunnarson and Vision.
Ledaal Noran is one of the most efficient and effective members of the Wyld Hunt; he has slain more Anathema than any other in the Pinnacle. Few know anything of his time in the Realm and among his House before joining the Immaculate Order. For his part, he works hard to avoid personal connections and refuses to speak much of himself.
Many in the North see him as a wandering hero, arriving at just the right time to solve their problems and disappearing just as quickly. However, he does not patrol The Haslanti League or Whitewall, preferring to stay among smaller cities or the Icewalkers. He is of course concerned by The Bull of the North but is under orders to avoid the Solar until Peleps Deled is ready to mobilize.

Ledaal Noran is slight of frame and tall. Many citizens of the North know him as The Unbending Willow. His elemental markings – a green tint to his skin and the strong scent of flowers – show him to be a particularly strong Exalt. He always wields a spiked chain and wears the robes of the Immaculate Order. Noran is a calm, quiet battlefield commander and exudes confidence at all times.

Ledaal Noran

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