Full Moon 5 (Stamina)
Changing Moon 3
No Moon 2 (Perception)

Known Forms
Bear (Perception shifts to Strength, claws +1, soak +1)
Bearman (Perception shifts to Strength, huge size)
Snow Rabbit (Stamina shifts to Dexterity, tiny size)
Eagle (claws +1, flight)

Special Abilities
Immutable – Immune to mutation
Mate – Positive intimacy with Solar mate

Contacts 1
-Mercenaries and wolfmen
Artifact 2
-Silverlight, Moonsilver Greataxe (Initiative -1, Damage +4, can light a room like a torch)
Manse 1

Great Virtue: Valor
Fatal Flaw: Curse of the Lone Wolf
Shifting into unknown forms inflicts 1 Limit

Totemic Image: Silver Moon-Bear
Anima Power: Spend 1E to double successes for movement and feats of strength for a scene

Silverlight, Moonsilver Greataxe
Initiative -1, Damage +4, can light a room like a torch
Initiative -1, Damage +1

PDV= 3
Soak = 3
MDV= 4

-0, -1×4, -3×12, K.O.

4 permanent
11 available

Relentless Strength
Multiple Strength
Paced Stamina
Relentless Stamina
Supernatural Stamina
Reaching Charisma
Reaching Perception

Destroy the enemies of mortal man

Solar Mate (Unknown as yet)
Red Teeth Gnashing (Admiration, debt unpaid)
Freedom (Must be protected)
Terrestrial Exalted (Resentment)


Seeks-the-Flame is an imposing man with an incredibly broad build. From afar, he could fit into any of the numerous barbarian tribes of the North, but his face betrays a refined heritage. Seek often fights with Silverlight, his Moonsilver greataxe, but has also been known to fight with a broadsword and a large circular shield.

His beast form is that of an Asian black bear (aka moon bear) with a bright silver crest across its chest, a crest that appears on the chest and neck of all of his forms. Although most moon bears are relatively small (400 lbs), Seek’s bear form is closer to the size of a Kodiak bear (1100 lbs).

His warform is immense, standing just over ten feet tall. He fights with Silverlight in one hand and occasionally uses his circular shield as a buckler.

Seeks-the-Flame grew up as Dev, the only son of a servant-woman, Nahla, in Cherak. He learned who his father was, after years of questioning, at the age of 8: V’neef Kago, a Dragon-Blooded Realm diplomat of little importance but good breeding. A few short years later, Dev approached one of the monks of the Immaculate temple nearest his home, angrily demanding the training he imagined he deserved on account of his Dragon-Blooded heritage. The monks turned him away, but the guards at one of their training temples found him amusing and let him watch the martial arts training sessions. Dev spent years “studying” in this way, picking fights when he could. While his form was undeniably sloppy, his size and tenacity allowed him to win almost all of these fights. As he aged, though, he realized it was becoming less and less likely that he would ever join the ranks of the Terrestrial Exalted.
At the age of 17, he left home and joined a mercenary crew that plied its services throughout the North. Among them, he learned how to fight properly, how to survive in the wilds, and a certain degree of humility. He served with them for several years, content to make his living hunting down problem animals, working as a guard for high-profile events, and fighting the occasional Wyld barbarian crew or beastman tribe.

The fated day began when Dev was hired to serve as a guard over a slave market in Cherak. He knew the practice of slavery was common in Cherak and throughout the Realm, but had never seen the markets first-hand. He willed himself not to care for most of the day, but as the slave caravans were packing up for the day, he snapped. One of the slavers was particularly violent with a young boy who moved just a little too slowly, breaking the boy’s legs and nearly killing him. Dev stormed up to the man, shoving him to the ground. The slaver, fat and weak, called for the guards. “I am the guards! Get up and face me!” The slaver ran and Dev gave chase, finally cornering him in an alley near his boyhood home. Dev laid into him, shouting every insult and epithet he could call to mind, before ending his life with a dagger through the man’s eye. Naturally, the commotion caused the actual city guard to come after him…

A flash of blinding argent light passed over his eyes and time stood still for a moment. He saw the Fickle Lady come before him wearing the guise of the Bloody Huntress, occasionally shifting between her other myriad faces. She didn’t speak, and there’s no telling how much time actually passed in that alleyway, but Dev walked out a changed man, knowing his true name was Seeks-the-Flame and that he was a true Warrior of Luna. Taking his warform, Seeks-the-Flame quickly made his way past the city guard and into the woods, knowing the Wyld Hunt would soon be coming after him.

A Wyld Hunt detachment found him less than a day after he fled, the group consisting of one Immaculate Order monk and a mix of Dragon-Blooded and mortal soldiers. Seeks-the-Flame fought as best he could, killing several of the soldiers and holding the others to a draw, but all seemed lost when two more Immaculate monks arrived to reinforce the group. The three monks fought him as one, circling ever closer and wearing down his defenses. Seek held them for as long as he could, but finally collapsed as the monks descended on him. As his eyes drifted closed, he never expected he would open them again. When he came to, he was in the camp of a pack of Lunar Exalted led by Red Teeth Gnashing, an elder coyote-aspect Lunar. He was later told that they found him just as the Wyld Hunt soldiers were preparing to slit his throat.

After being tattooed and taught the basics, Seeks-the-Flame struck back out on his own. Lacking patience for the political factions of the Silver Pact or the Thousand Streams River project, he sought to exterminate the Wyld creatures and other monsters that plagued the North. During his travels, he came across a tribe of wolfmen whose numbers were quickly depleting. A local god, it turns out, was unhappy with the tribe’s lack of offering and cursed them with near-sterility. Through intimidation, negotiation, and ritual combat with the leader of the wolfmen, Seeks-the-Flame was able to reach an agreement between the tribe and the angry god. From the wolfmen, he claimed the prize of Silverlight, a Moonsilver great axe that was bequeathed to them by their progenitor several decades hence. While this rubbed some of their elders the wrong way, they were obligated to give it to him by the laws of their tribe. Seeks-the-Flame stays in contact with a few members of the tribe and has received assistance from them a few times in the past.

Recently returning to the Silver Pact with a bit more experience and patience, he reunited with Ghost, the sorcerer who applied his Moonsilver tattoos, and the two were granted stewardship over a vast Manse in the northern wastes. On their way to claim the Manse, they met up with a group of three Solar Exalted. Although Seek is unsure whether they should be trusted or not, Ghost assures him their assistance will be invaluable. While Seeks-the-Flame often lacks the patience required for the Thousand Streams River, he holds a great deal of respect for its methods and ideals, and if the Solars in this new pack/circle try to subvert its goals for their own personal gain, there will be dire consequences.


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