Vision is a member of the Wyld Hunt under the command of Peleps Deled. She wanders throughout the North investigating rumors of Anathema and other threats to the Immaculate Order. Her band includes two others, Ledaal Noran and Albert Gunnarson.
Vision herself is not a member of the Immaculate Order and does not reside within the Pinnacle of the Hunt. However, she does accompany Ledaal Noran and Albert Gunnarson in their travels. Vision serves as a liason to the Icewalker tribes, Gethamane and The Haslanti League.
While she is not involved in Albert’s proselytizing or Ledaal Noran’s conversion attempts, Vision does share their desire to remove the threat of Anathema from the North. She is infamous for her zeal in fighting against the undead and their masters, the Deathlords.

Vision still dresses in her shamanic robes of office. She is taller than most and rather intimidating. However, she is also treated as a folk hero amongst many in the North and welcome in almost anyone’s home.

Vision is possibly one of the new demonic Exalted, and is also possibly dead.


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